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Your Partner for Water and Wastewater Emergency Power Preparedness

In recent years, weather has become widely unpredictable and increasingly severe. Ice storms, hurricanes, tornados, high winds and lightning can quickly turn into natural disasters. Keeping the power on at your water or wastewater facility during inclement weather is imperative when interruptions in service could become a public health catastrophe.

Do you have a reliable backup power plan? Are you prepared to keep your systems operational when they are needed most?

Partner with Prime Power

Prime Power is the Southeast's #1 trusted partner for emergency power system services (EPSS). Our team specializes in supporting and training water and wastewater professionals to keep your facilities and utilities operating under every condition — including blackouts.

From complete generator/switchgear services and system assessments to emergency power plans to technician training, we've got you covered.

24-7-365 Service

Our reputation for ultra-fast response means we pick up the phone regardless of when you call. We dispatch at any time of day to keep or get you back up and running.

Emergency Power Services and Assessments

We manage your standby and emergency power system as one cohesive element. Where others specialize in engines or switchgear alone, taking a component approach, Prime Power's expert engineers and technicians troubleshoot and service your entire system, from engine to distribution, to ensure power continuously flows to your customers.

We specialize in: