Control System Modernization
And Switchgear Retrofits


The cost of downtime due to power outage is a serious issue for any business. Many businesses have already installed an emergency power supply systems (EPSS) to seamlessly take over the supply when there is a power outage. However, many of these emergency systems, often the aging ones, can't perform reliably when they are needed most. Systems may need to be modernized to achieve business-critical continuity. Enhancing the technology of the existing system can solve the problem. Modernization of existing systems can also be cost effective, saving the owner one-half to two-thirds of the cost of replacing the entire system.

What Is

Modernization, or upgrades, can virtually eliminate emergency power system downtime and disruption of business operations. Modernization will:

  • retain generator engines, fuel systems, radiators and piping, main electrical wiring, gear enclosures, and in most cases, buses and breakers
  • eliminate electrical and mechanical work, modifications required to decommission and remove old gear and install new gear
  • prevent the need to rent and locate temporary generators on site
  • meet rigid project timelines and deadlines

Modernization enhances technologies and units and creates new highly-efficient ones to improve system operation, monitoring and control. The goal is to achieve flexibility, ease of maintenance, better operation control and quick access to precise information. For example, a digital display provides real-time data on amperage, voltage and phases, and can alert staff when conditions are not within preset limits. Step-by-step, user-friendly instructions on the display are a big help to the operators.

In the context of EPSS, modernization refers to the following:

  • Programmable logic controller upgrades - this is a low cost way to improve the reliability and functionality of your controls. These upgrades add redundancies and additional functionalities that enhance operation.
  • Custom controls - modernize breaker power transfer-switch controls and add annunciation to SCADA systems that can provide the control capabilities that the businesses want.
  • Demand for modern control switchgear to monitor the loads.

In switchgear retrofits, the switchgear is upgraded by replacing old circuit breakers with new ones inside existing cubicles. This is possible because metal enclosures, bus bars and other static components within a switchboard, are often still in good condition after years of service. A switchgear retrofit is recognized as a reliable means of extending equipment life without the high costs and hazards that can be associated with total replacement. Alternative solutions for maintaining electrical switchgear include reconditioning, conversion, and partial or total replacement of equipment.

Prime Power Can Help
With Modernization and Switchgear Retrofits

If you are planning to modernize an existing system, Prime Power can help. Our expert power system engineers can assist you with all the elements you need to implement an effective, uninterruptible power solution. Through our modernization solutions, you will realize these benefits:

  1. Few Disruptions
  2. Quicker Completion
  3. Lower Cost

With modernization, you get new technology at a fraction of the total replacement cost. New technology can include a sophisticated, digital touch panel that can improve operation, monitor, and control your emergency power system. Prime Power can also install a remote monitoring console that provides real-time information at your fingertips, seamlessly and effortlessly, giving you the needed edge. With a modernized power control system, your businesses can reap the benefits of uninterrupted power for day-to-day operations.

Precise Information

Prime Power can install (in a very short time) new controllers and power managers on the transfer switches to provide precise information on the priority loads assigned to the facility's generators. With this, operators can get a history on outages and know how much additional load is plugged into emergency circuits.

New technology can monitor the amount of load assigned to each generator to guard against overloading. When loads approach a predetermined level, the operators know to add a transfer switch. They no longer need to visit multiple transfer-switch locations to gather information. It is readily accessible from the monitoring and power-control systems provided by Prime Power.

Repair, Upgrade, & Retrofit

In addition to providing custom-designed and installed new switchgear systems, we can also repair, upgrade, and retrofit existing switchgear units as necessary. Switchgear technology is not new for us; we were manufacturing switchgear almost 25 years ago and have developed the unparalleled expertise since then. Although we no longer manufacture, we carry switchgear from renowned manufacturers and install and support this switchgear with extreme precision. The best time to prepare for a power-outage emergency is now. We are pleased to offer our experience, our switchgear expertise, and our very competitive price, to see you and your business prepared.

"Very pleased with the quality of service, response time and quality of mechanics who come out on site"

- Troy Martin