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Your Standby and Emergency
Power Source

We are your standby and emergency power source when you need us the most, because we understand what that means to you. At the critical moment when someone's health is on the line, or when the community needs us after a natural disaster, Prime Power is the trusted source to Bring Power Back to Life.

We at Prime Power take great pride in the variety of services we provide to our customers. We take seriously the need for uninterrupted power - power to live your life.

A SYSTEMIC APPROACH. The difference is simple: Prime Power sees your standby and emergency power system as one cohesive element. Where others specialize in engines or switchgear alone and take a component approach, the expert engineers and service technicians at Prime Power have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot your entire system - from engine to distribution, to ensure power is delivered to your users. It's that simple. We will identify the problem that is affecting your power and fix it. No matter the make or model, Prime Power has the experience to Bring Power Back to Life.

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Prime Power can design a power back-up system with exact specifications to your needs. We can also fully service, retrofit, repair, and maintain any existing system. Just let us know how we can be of service!

When It Matters Most

We've got you covered. Your call to 800-741-0128 will notify our best technicians and engineers. Our ON-CALL TECHNICIAN will return your call within minutes and DEPLOY the team necessary to respond to your needs. We take great pride in our emergency response process, which is why we keep engineers and field technicians on-call 24-7 and our senior staff supervise the entire emergency process to ensure your needs are met.

Our Emergency Response Process ensures that we provide you with the expertise to solve even the most difficult challenges at a moment's notice. We will not leave you in the dark.