Automatic Transfer Switch

The Importance of Generator
Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most important components of your emergency power system, the automatic transfer switch can be the key to your back-up power supply. Your generator's automatic transfer switch is constantly monitoring the flow of power from your regular source, and upon any number of scenarios, will determine the need to switch to your back-up generator. A functional generator is useless if its back-up power cannot be utilized in an emergency situation.

Automatic Transfer Switch
Testing, Troubleshooting, & Maintenance

Because the automatic transfer switch is vital to your emergency back-up strategy we recommend regular scheduled maintenance to ensure proper function. Prime Power can address all your needs - from automatic transfer switch installation to testing, troubleshooting and maintenance. Our generator automatic transfer switch maintenance includes:

  • Checking all connections
  • Normal & Emergency Voltages, Current Readings, Voltage Drop & Pick Up Readings, Contact Temperatures and Time Delay Settings will be Checked and Recorded
  • Contact Resistance will be calculated and logged
  • Clean and vacuum ATS enclosure
  • Transfer Power to Insure Proper Function of EPSS
  • Customer Receives Detailed Report to Comply with NFPA 110 (8.3.5)

All automatic transfer switch maintenance is performed at your convenience and to the highest standards by EGSA certified technicians.