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Prime Power and The Water Tower have teamed up to provide critical EPSS training to Georgia's water professionals. 

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In partnership with the Water Tower, Prime Power is now offering power generation seminars at their campus in Buford. These seminars cover a range of topics on power generation systems, theories, and equipment.

Arc Flash Safety

October 18, 2022 >> 10 a.m. -12 p.m.

Between 5 and 10 arc flashes occur in the US each day. These dangerous and potentially deadly electrical explosions are a big risk to EPS technicians. In this interactive seminar, a Prime Power master trainer will review the most common causes of arc flashes, preventative measures, assessment tools and techniques, and tips for personal safety. The course meets all OSHA training standards and is designed for all levels of experience.

  • 2 CE Management & Safety (GA-SOS)
  • 4 CE Maintenance Technologist
  • Includes lunch

Electrical Safety

October 18, 2022 >> 1 - 3 p.m.

This important course focusses on industrial workplace electrical hazards and safety. Participants will learn about the proper use of PPE and how it relates to electrical safety, safe meter testing procedures using the live/dead/live system (including meter operation and inspection), safe work habits, site surveys and their role in overall safety.

  • 2 CE Management & Safety (GA-SOS)
  • 4 CE Maintenance Technologist
  • Includes lunch.

ATS and Switchgear

This seminar takes an in-depth look at the switchgear component of emergency power systems. Learn about the switchgear's critical role in your EPS system, review basic maintenance requirements and take a deep dive into code compliance as it relates to National Fire Protection Association 110 guidelines.

  • 6 CE Management & Safety (GA-SOS)
  • 4-6 CE Maintenance Technologist
  • Offered in-person or virtually
  • Geared towards water and wastewater professionals


    September 21, 2022 >> 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    In this interactive, hands-on workshop, participants will use a 90-point inspection sheet to perform a preventative maintenance inspection on an installed emergency power system. Gain a comprehensive understanding of standby generators, learn about the components used, explore basic maintenance requirements and review NFPA 110 guidelines.

  • 2 CE Management & Safety (GA-SOS)
  • 4-6 CE Maintenance Technologist
  • Includes lunch

The Georgia State Board of Examiners for Certification of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants has approved Prime Power as a provider of continuing education required for GAWP Maintenance Technologist Licenses. Participants who complete Prime Power training seminars receive CEs and Maintenance Points that count towards certifications.

Prime Power leverages its more than 30 years as a leading emergency-power provider to train and certify technicians in the EPSS industry. Taught by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry, our programs combine classroom work with hands-on practice.

Our seminars are designed around EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) standards and accredited by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). All seminars count towards numerous state license certifications, including GWWI (Georgia Water and Wastewater Institute).

Our courses are approved for CEs by the Georgia Secretary of State, the North Carolina Environmental Certification Board and South Carolina Environmental Certification Board.

Roger Bischer Training Center
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