The Importance of
Breaker Testing

Prime Power uses the latest breaker testing equipment with a computer interface to automatically generate and store accurate, professional, un-editable reports.

Accuracy is held within 1% for trip currents and .0004 seconds for response times.

Primary injection testing also provides our technicians and engineers the opportunity to fully inspect the breaker and breaker cell for:

  • Functionality of the breaker's electrical operators (close, open, charging, etc.)
  • Proper lubrication of the breaker's draw-out mechanism and current carrying contacts
  • Cleanliness and security of the breaker's secondary contacts and connections

Efficient Scheduling

Breaker testing requires interruptions to a facility's service entrance and distribution circuits. Prime Power works with our customers to schedule testing during times that least impact their regular business routine. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the level and scope of service our customers have come to expect from us.

Prime Power is a recognized leader in the service, testing and repair of power generation and distribution equipment. We encourage our customers to maximize the efficiency and readiness of their entire power system through planned preventive maintenance.

"We bring Prime Power with us wherever we go"

- Mike Gerschner