Power Quality
and Load Study Analysis

From Proposal to Installation
Standby Generator Systems

Prime Power Services will provide three (3) Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers for each of your servers to provide a thorough Power Analysis of your system.

Prime Power's EGSA-Certified field engineers will install the loggers and leave them in place for approximately one week. We'll return to retrieve the equipment and provide a summary report.

The Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers record three-phase power quality and monitor for power quality disturbances with Fluke 1750 Power Recorders and Fluke Power Analyze software. These power meters automatically record every power quality parameter and event.

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  • Long-tern analysis: Uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues; monitor critical equipment, capturing power quality events to correlate with equipment malfunction
  • Power Quality Surveys: Quantify power quality throughout a facility, documenting results with professional reports
  • Quality of service compliance: Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance
  • Equipment Installation/Commissioning: Benchmark power system prior to install to ensure quality of service