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Welcome to Prime Power Services, the new tradition in the power generation industry. I welcome you to explore Prime Power and discover for yourself why the leading facility managers of hospitals, data centers, professional sports teams, and Class A facilities choose Prime Power Services for all of their emergency power system needs.

The difference is simple: trust. The more the world relies on technology the more the world demands electric power. We understand that our family of clients trusts Prime Power to provide the fastest response time and the highest level of experience to their mission-critical power applications. Power failure is not an option.

Trust is earned - never given. Prime Power takes great pride in earning and keeping the trust of our family of clients over 30 years of providing unparalleled support in the power generation industry. And over those 30 years, we have developed a systemic approach that will allow us to continue to deliver quality time and again.

Go ahead. Take a look. See how the experts at Prime Power can secure your emergency power needs and help you achieve your goals. Whether you're keeping the lights on for surgeons in the operating room or ensuring that your data center never skips a beat, come see how Prime Power can help you bring power back to life.