Prime Power
Generator Technician School

Boost Your Emergency Power Skills With Our 45-Day Generator Technician School

As the Southeast's #1 independent provider of emergency power services, Prime Power understands the critical role technicians play at their facilities. It's imperative that they understand their system, can perform basic maintenance and testing, and know what to do when an emergency occurs.

Prime Power is proud to announce the launch of its new Generator Technician School, a 45-day, 360-hour program designed to develop and upskill emergency power technicians.

Learn more: Contact to learn about the next start date.

Class Size: Each 45-day program is limited to 10 students.

Course fee: $10,000 per student. Includes all course work and materials.

Down payment: $2,000 required to secure your spot.

The Details

About the School

Prime Power's new Generator Technician School takes small groups of students through a 45-day intensive program covering all aspects of emergency power safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Taught at the 22,000 square-foot Roger Bisher Center by Prime Power's EGSA-certified instructors — some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business, the Technician School combines hands-on training (80%) with classroom sessions (20%), learning diesel theory, safety basics, standards, and regulations, as well as electrical calculations.

Students will work on diesel and gaseous engines and on every component of a generator including the prime mover, voltage regulators, alternators (gen-end), fuel, coolant, and oil systems, block heaters, electrical starting system, and power distribution systems/components. They will gain experience in various tools and testing devices and perform multiple load-bank tests under different conditions.

At the end of the school, each technician will have completed a comprehensive task-based training program and will be ready to earn an EGSA certification.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic electricity
  • Diesel Theory
  • Electrical and Arc Flash Safety
  • Battery theory and troubleshooting
  • Voltage regulation
  • Electrical starting system basics
  • Primary maintenance basics
  • Fluid systems basics and analysis
  • Power distribution basics
  • Troubleshooting and Triage methods and techniques
  • Load bank theory and application
  • Trend analysis

Credentials: EGSA Certification Exam included

What does it mean to be EGSA certified? As part of its commitment to advancing professionalism within the on-site power industry, EGSA has created the Electrical Generator Systems Technician Certification Program. Through rigorous testing, the program identifies those power and emergency power technicians who have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical and electrical components and the interaction between them and are proficient in the installation, service, emergency power technician, maintenance, and repair of on-site power generation systems.