Switchgear Services

Prime Power's Engineering and Technical team offers comprehensive switchgear services.

In addition to custom modernization and retrofits, Prime Power Engineering offers complete maintenance, inspection, testing, and repair services for all types of switchgear no matter the type or brand.

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Testing & Maintenance Services

Measurements at Switchboard

The following data will be recorded using switchboard mounted meters while the load is being supported by utility power:

  • Utility Voltage
  • Utility Current
  • Load kW
  • Load Power Factor

The following data will be recorded with a test meter:

  • Utility Voltage (three phases)
  • 24 Volt DC Control Power
  • 48 Volt DC Control Power

Moisture Inspection

  • Inspect for any moisture or signs of previous dripping inside the switchboard. Inspect for signs of condensation in conduits or dripping from outside sources.
  • If signs of moisture are observed, owner will be notified. Any conduits which have dripped condensation will be sealed off as alternate means for the conduit to drain provided.
  • Any cracks or openings which have allowed moisture to enter the enclosure will be sealed.
  • Recommendations will be made for replacing or thoroughly drying and cleaning insulating material which is found to be damp, wet or shows accumulation of deposited material from previous wettings.

Mechanical Inspection

All mechanical devices will be checked for missing or broken parts, proper spring tensions, free movement, rusting or corrosion, dirt and excessive wear.

Visual Inspection

All visible electrical joints and terminals in the electrical bus and wiring sections will be carefully inspected. Equipment to be inspected shall include all switchboard instruments, control relays, control power transformers, potential transformers, circuit breakers, bus ducts, cables, bus connections and other current carrying devices. Advise owner of any devices that appear to be hot or discolored, corroded or pitted, or show evidence of having been subjected to high temperature.

Mechanical Test of Switches and Operators

Check all switch operator mechanisms and external operator of circuit breakers. Make sure each operator mechanism quickly and positively throws contacts fully on and off. Owner will be given prior notification of test if the operation of a switch or device will disrupt the load supported.

Safety Interlock: Mechanical and Electrical

Check all electrical and mechanical safety interlock mechanisms and electrical controls. Verify the proper operation of all synchronization relays in circuit breaker close circuits.

Illuminated Switchboard Alarm Indicators

  • Verify that all LED and incandescent alarm indicator lamps are functional.
  • Simulate alarms by operating the lamp test push button or where necessary, momentary application of 24 VDC to the coil of the alarm relay to illuminate the indicator lamp on the switchboard alarm panel.
  • Replace all burned out LED indicators.

Circuit Breakers Visual Inspection

  • Visually examine all readily accessible circuit breaker cells for signs of arc spatter, sooty deposits, oil or tracking that may indicate a severe electrical fault has occurred. Notify owner if these conditions are observed.
  • Check each circuit breaker to determine if the solid-state trip unit settings are properly adjusted according to original design specifications and set points.

Cleaning, Dusting and Lubricating

Accumulations of dust and dirt will be cleaned from the switchboards using a brush, insulated vacuum cleaner or clean lint free rags. When a circuit breaker is removed from the switchboard, all moving parts will be lubricated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Protective Relay System Set Point Verification

  • Utility and generator protective relay devices will be visually inspected. Any illuminated target indicator that may be present from previous operators will be reset and recorded.
  • Verify that all adjustable protective relay settings are according to original design specifications.

Operational System Test

Prime Power Services will perform an operational test of the generator and paralleling controls at a scheduled time approved by Owner. Operational condition of the standby generator will be verified prior to starting the test.


A detailed report will be provided to Owner describing the work that was performed and giving any recommendations for corrective maintenance that is not covered by this agreement.