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EGSA Certification Programs

EGSA Certification Programs For Businesses and Individuals

Developed by our award-winning training team, Prime Power offers more than 40+ online EGSA Prep lessons for the Apprenticeship and Journeyman certifications. Our comprehensive EGSA certification curriculum equips you with the knowledge and skillset to understand the electrical and mechanical concepts of emergency power supply systems.

Engaging and interactive course design, EGSA-formatted practice tests, and robust homework assignments help you build confidence and gain expertise to pass the exam and earn your EGSA Apprentice or Journeyman certification.

Each lesson is specifically designed to increase and sharpen your knowledge in emergency power supply systems. Our EGSA certification practice tests and training modules are easy to follow and understand, with guided practice sections and short quizzes or knowledge checks to assess learning. Some of our EGSA training courses are now available online.

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Grow Your Skills and Advance Your Career with EGSA Certification

Why Get Certified?
  • Receive 3rd-party endorsement of your experience
  • Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and safety
  • Qualify for potential increased earnings and promotions
  • Take the certification with you no matter

Why Have Your Employees Certified?
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to safety and the highest standards of service
  • Offer as a perk to current employees and prospects
  • Third-party assessment of your employees
  • Send a brand signal to your customers

Why Leverage Prime Power's EGSA Prep Course?
  • More then 40 interactive lessons
  • Developed by our APEX Award-winning training team in partnership with EGSA
  • Self-paced and completely on-line. Available for 60 days from time of purchase.
  • Includes short quizzes and knowledge checks to ensure you are retaining the information
  • Very high success rates
  • Affordable pricing: $415 for Apprentice and $615 for Journeyman.

EGSA Certification Programs for Businesses 

Prime Power recently launched this new program designed for businesses with teams of technicians seeking simultaneous EGSA certification. The program includes the full EGSA Prep curriculum, plus a review session with our award-winning EGSA Training Officer, and testing services.

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