Fuel Cleaning Services

Remove harmful fuel contaminants to prevent unexpected engine shutdown

Our skilled technicians use a closed loop filter circulating system to remove microbiological growth and contamination caused by sludge, sediment, and petroleum contact water (PCW), to safely return fuel to the tank under pressure. The fuel is treated with Diesel Fuel Inhibitor/Stabilizer and samples are sent for lab analysis.

Fuel Cleaning

Testing and Maintenance Services

  • Eliminate microbiological growth and contamination caused by sludge, sediment, and/or petroleum contact water (PCW) up to 50 gallons*
  • Remove water, microbiological growth, sediment, and contamination from diesel storage tank sludge
  • Run fuel through a closed-loop filter circulating system consisting of a 100-micron bag filter; oil and water separation runs through a coalescing unit, 10-micron bag filter, 5-micron water absorption canister filter, and 0.5-micron water absorption canister filter before fuel is returned to the tank under pressure
  • Capture, contain, store, transport, and dispose all extracted fuel/water contaminants
  • Add Diesel Fuel Inhibitor/Stabilizer Treatment to the tank
  • Perform lab analysis of remaining fuel upon cleaning service completion
  • Provide field report of service performed, including condition status of the fuel and tank based upon inspection
  • Advise if additional repairs, inspections, or tank cleaning are required

Prime Power technicians can conduct this Fuel Cleaning Service while your generator remains online. There is no need to set up a temporary fuel source.

* Any additional PCW > 50 gallons will incur an additional cost.