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Switchgear Controls Modernization

Controls Modernization or upgrades can virtually eliminate emergency power downtime and disruption of business operations. Modernization will retain generator engines, fuel systems, cooling systems, main electrical wiring, switchgear enclosures, buses, breakers (in most cases), and eliminate electrical and mechanical work. The goal is to achieve flexibility, ease of maintenance, better operation control and quick access to precise information.

A switchgear modernization of the controls is recognized as a reliable means of extending equipment life without the high costs and hazards that can be associated with total replacement.

Switchgear Breaker Modernization

Breaker Modernization often involves the existing breakers or switches to be "retrofilled." The retrofill breaker solution involves the demolition (to the first bolted connection) and rebuilding of the cell with new breakers. Each retrofill will include a new cubicle door that allows through-the-door and draw out style electrically operated breakers with electronic trip units and arc flash reducing maintenance switches. All adapting bus to the first bolted connection is included.

Prime Power Services will provide all coordination and scheduling with your facility. During the initial survey, and each of the retrofills, Prime Power Services' EGSA Certified engineers and technicians will be onsite to coordinate lock out tag out to minimize impact to facility.

Switchgear Bolted Pressure Switch Modernization

In addition to servicing your bolted pressure (fused) switches, we can modernize these with breaker modernization retrofills.

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