One Of A Kind

Prime Power started operations in 1983 manufacturing custom switchgear for the region's most discriminating and demanding customers. With engineers on staff who trained under Prime Power's legendary founder Roger Bisher, the trademark quality and excellence of early Prime Power systems can still be found today in our custom switchgear manufacturing services.

Prime Power best-in-class engineers continue to design, install, test, maintain and sometimes manufacture intelligent switchgear. We have led numerous switchgear retrofits and upgrades for large companies.

Testing & Maintenance Services

  • Measurements at switchboard include: utility voltage and current, load in kW, load power factor, 24 V and 48 V control power
  • Moisture and condensation inspection
  • Our switchgear maintenance services include mechanical inspection of devices for missing or broken parts, spring tensions, free movement, corrosion, dirt and wear.
  • Visual inspection of electrical joints and terminals in the electrical bus and wiring sections.
  • Safety interlock inspection of mechanism and controls. Verify proper operation of synchronization relays in circuit breakers.
  • During our switchgear testing, we verify that all LED alarm indicators are functional. Simulate alarms and replace as necessary.
  • Visual Inspection of circuit breakers cells for signs of arcing. Determine if solid-state trip unit settings and properly adjusted.
  • Dust and dirt will be cleaned from the switchboard. If a circuit breaker is removed, it is oiled according to manufacturer's recommendations. Components are reviewed and conditions confirmed.
  • Utility and generator protective relays are inspected and adjustable settings are verified with design specifications.
  • An operational test of the generator and paralleling controls is performed.
  • A detailed report is provided to the owner including any recommendations for corrective maintenance.