Track Your
Maintenance Records

Prime Power Services performs scheduled maintenance on your entire emergency power system. We do maintenance on all generator/engines (gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, and digester gas), switchgear, transfers and controls.

With our client log-in feature, you can track and review all your service and maintenance records.

When You
Need Power the Most

Prime Power highly recommends scheduled maintenance. Your standby and emergency power system requires upkeep and maintenance. Poor maintenance schedules or standards can put your facility at risk when you need power the most.

A Prime Power scheduled maintenance program can save lives, help you avoid costly expenses, and allow you to perform your most vital functions - without interruption.

Prime Power employs licensed electrical and mechanical engineers to ensure that your standby and emergency power system meets the most stringent standards of excellence.

Prime Power can provide mechanical and electrical troubleshooting, diagnostics, testing, and maintenance (and can repair all makes and models).

They take ownership of all our equipment as if it's their own.

- -Jack Kennedy and Steve Hughes