Infrared Testing

Properly applied with Prime Power maintenance services, infrared testing provides an additional level of confidence about the overall integrity of your electrical system. Annual infrared scanning of your facility's electrical distribution equipment can reveal:

  • Failing Equipment
  • Overloaded Equipment
  • Load Imbalances
  • Loose Connections and Hot Spots
  • Corrosion
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ASNT Certified

Infrared testing is recommended in NFPA 70E. Prime Power recommends field personnel certified by American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). Our thermographer is ASNT Certified Level 2 with 16 years experience and our infrared scanning equipment consists of a Mikron 7600 Pro camera.

A full report is provided with both Infrared and real-time images of problems areas, as well as a complete equipment list that is useful when trending issues.