A Regional Natural Gas Supplier

A regional natural gas supplier needed to expand the capacity of the power plant at its liquid natural gas storage facility in North Georgia. Four years prior, Prime Power had performed the first phase of the plant expansion with the installation of zero-hour rebuild Waukesha natural gas generator and the corresponding section of control and medium voltage distribution switchgear. This project required the installation of two additional generators and switchgear sections. The plant operates 24/7 using these natural gas generators. Cost, reliability, and minimum impact during installation were key requirements of the customer.

Prime Power once again engineered a system that would utilize rebuilt engines using digital controls and incorporated into rebuilt switchgear and busing sections that would mate seamlessly with the customer's existing plant distribution lineup.

The new controls incorporated into the rebuilt switchgear included the latest Woodward generator controllers that both worked in conjunction with the existing analog controls of the original engines and would also allow future upgrades of the controls of the original engines as they became antiquated and needed to be replaced.