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Emergency Power Training That Positions You for a Brighter Future

The state-of-the-art Roger Bisher Training Center located in the heart of Georgia, just outside Atlanta, features top technology for in-person courses, including hands on emergency power, maintenance, electrical safety, switchgear, and generator training, seminars, and certification in Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) standards and accreditation by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The 22-acre campus includes 22,000 square feet of training space, 15 labs and 4 generators, making it the nation's most robust emergency power training facilities. The Center regularly hosts in-person seminars, apprenticeship programs, management training, sales team workshops and a variety of custom generator training and maintenance programs geared to the specific needs of our clients.

Roger Bisher Training Center

Emergency Power Training Courses

Our 2022 Prime Power Training course catalog features eight seminars offered regularly throughout the year. Ranging from entry-level emergency power training fundamentals to advanced generator maintenance and switchgear training, our in-person courses combine engaging lectures with hands-on lab training. You work with equipment and tools comparable to what you'll use in the field, and are taught by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field. These in-person seminars offer a range of topics covering everything from generator maintenance to electrical safety, intending to make you a well-rounded and indispensable resource to your company.

Customized onsite generator training and electrical safety instruction is also an option. We'll create custom programs for you and send our elite EGSA certified trainers to teach your team how to troubleshoot, manage, and maintain your own equipment.

2022 Emergency Power Training Course Catalog

All programs are available to individuals and organizations, and can be customized based on your company's training goals.