Healthcare Utility Management
Assurance Program

Assurance Program

In the ongoing efforts to offer Healthcare customers the utmost in oversight relating to their Emergency and Essential Power needs, Prime Power Services, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Healthcare Utility Management Assurance Program. The program offers expertise from a former Joint Commission inspector and Healthcare Facility Manager to give our customers a unique understanding, from their perspective, on the needs and challenges that occur daily.

We understand that Healthcare Facility Managers are continually monitoring their Joint Commission requirements to assure they are current and within compliance. By partnering with Prime Power Services, Inc. a Utility Management Review of The Joint Commission standards will be completed to ensure areas of improvement are addressed and compliance is met. Additionally an Environment of Care*consultation can be offered based on the needs and/or request of our customers.

*Environment of Care in conjunction with The Utility Management Survey comprises the full Joint Commission Mock Survey. Your PPSI representative will discuss pricing options based on the level of service provided.

There To Assist

Prime Power Services, Inc. understands what healthcare personnel experience when dealing with the loss of power. Whether it's the need to supply power whenever equipment is down for repair, or dealing with temporary outage issues safely and effectively, Prime Power Services, Inc. is there to assist.

Customers on the Facility Management Program will be given priority when scheduling consultation assignments or upon Joint Commission** inspections. In addition, tools specifically developed to assist in the preparation for Environment of Care Surveys will be made available to program participants.

** Prime Power Services, Inc. will provide personnel or consultative services should the need arise during an actual Joint Commission Survey to full program customers.

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