Prime Power

The Prime Power Way

Prime Power Services was built on a foundation of hard work, high morals, and great expectations. Driven by the uncompromising pursuit of excellence, Roger Bisher and Addie Mathes, the founders of Prime Power, set out to establish a generator service company that overcomes obstacles to provide the highest quality of work to the customer in need. And they did just that. After 30 years in the business, Prime Power Services proudly bears the reputation of being the most reliable service provider during emergencies and for being able to perform when the pressure is on.


Prime Power holds each of its employees to a high standard of conduct: in all activities, in all relations, treat people with honesty, dignity, and respect. Prime Power believes there is no room for behavior or conduct that is anything less than professional. Prime Power employees hold themselves to the highest ethical standards of professionalism.


To be professional, to be trustworthy, to be the kind of company on whom you depend and with whom you enjoy doing business requires integrity. We at Prime Power believe that our work is more than just a business transaction; it is a commitment. Our customers rely on Prime Power because they know that if we say we are going to do something, it will be done. Prime Power will do whatever it takes to get the job done in accordance with the highest possible standards: it’s the Prime Power way.

Customer First

Prime Power exists because the industry demands reliable experts who produce the highest quality service across the spectrum of power generation and can do it in a moment’s notice. Prime Power places the customer’s needs first, and charges each employee to be a skilled customer-service representative. Knowledgeable about power generation systems from generation to distribution, Prime Power’s engineers and technicians offer custom solutions to a wide range of challenges. We understand that we are trusted with the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people who rely on constant electricity. For this reason, Prime Power places a premium on its commitment to the customer.


The field of emergency back-up power generation spans multiple disciplines, from electrical and mechanical engineering to diesel mechanics and creative problem solvers. To best evaluate and solve our customers’ power generation challenges, Prime Power employees work as a team across a variety of specialties. There is no power generation problem that exceeds our capabilities. The Prime Power Team offers comprehensive rapid emergency response. In critical emergency situations, Prime Power responds “first-est with the most-est.”


When emergency back-up power is a necessity, only the most capable and qualified individuals should be entrusted to take care of the equipment. Prime Power Services takes great pride in employing the most experienced and technically qualified engineers and technicians in the industry. Industrious and resourceful, the experts at Prime Power are capable of solving even the most difficult power generation challenges.