A Data Center for a Federal Organization

The data center for a federal organization required upgrades to existing generator controls. The existing switchgear was commissioned over 20 years ago and was beginning to reach its end of serviceable life. The switchgear supports two Caterpillar 3408 600KW generators and supplies emergency power to one 1600A ATS. The system was unreliable and had several failed components with no available parts for replacement.

Prime Power Project Team engineers redesigned the whole system so that it could be included in one complete Square D switchgear lineup. The existing switchgear and ATS were removed and new switchgear was placed in the same location. No major power interruptions affected the facility during the installation of new equipment. In order to maintain continuous emergency power during the project, the engineers employed a rental generator and ATS. The system's new controls included the Woodward Easygens, a Basler generator, a GE RX3i PLC, and a GE touch screen. Both generators were upgraded with new governors, voltage regulators, and engine controls.