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In September of 2010, a large corporate data center experienced a major interruption of the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), causing the generator to start and transfer load. After repairing the UPS, a closed re-transfer of power from generator to utility was unsuccessfully attempted. What resulted was an open transition that caused a momentary drop in power. That momentary drop in power caused the data center to lose all world-wide data. After a second attempt to repair the UPS, the closed transfer failed again, resulting in a second drop in power that caused the data center to lose all data once again. After two failed repair attempts and two losses of world-wide data in 24 hours, the corporate management sought a new solution. They called the Prime Power Project Team.

After suffering two data losses due to power failure, management decided for Prime Power to maintain 24/7 on-site generator support until the UPS system could be adequately restored. Prime Power worked with the data center managers to coordinate a two-week schedule during which time a technician or engineer would be on site continuously. During that time Prime Power recorded vital engine & generator readings and maintained emergency over-watch of the equipment, including hot exchanges of Racor fuel filters, 1000 gallon fuel refills twice daily, a 4000 gallon fuel transfer to the skid base tank, and evaluations of a coolant lead emerging from a water pump seal failing.

During those two weeks the UPS was repaired and tested off-line. The 15-second fly-wheel back-up was disabled and a new 15 minute battery was installed. After both of these modifications were successfully tested offline, the management decided to transfer power back to utility.

After two weeks of operating on generator power, technicians successfully performed a closed transition transfer back to utility. Prime Power then performed a major PM, oil & filter change, and a water-pump replacement. The system was restored and ready to operate smoothly when required.