A Large Local Natural Gas
Utility Company

Proactive Planning to Meet Operational Growth: A Large Local Natural Gas Utility Company

The Challenge

A large natural gas utility company, located approximately 50 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia, maintains 1.5 million customers and serves 237 communities. The company recognized a need to greatly expand its power generation capabilities to keep pace with operational growth.

The company had three objectives:

  1. Expand from four to five generators
  2. Install a new generator control section to their existing switchgear
  3. Install a touch-screen monitoring system capable of interfacing with its existing network

Without expansion, the gas company faced operational inadequacies, stunted business growth, and potential loss of customer loyalty.

The Solution

The Prime Power Project team determined the most cost- and energy-efficient solution was NOT installing a new system but rather a uniform expansion of the system that matched its existing equipment.

The Benefit

Prime Power completed the expansion six months ahead of schedule. And, by custom designing and fabricating equipment to match existing machinery, valuable time and resources were saved. Employees were easily able to continue operations using upgraded equipment they already knew how to service and maintain.