A Large Local Natural Gas
Utility Compan

This company, located approximately 50 miles north of Atlanta, maintains 1.5 million customers and serves 237 communities. The company recognizes their need to greatly expand their power generation capabilities to keep up with operational growth.

They had three main needs: One, to expand from four to five generators. Two, install a new generator control section to be added to their existing switchgear. And three, to install a touch-screen monitoring system that was capable of interfacing with their existing network.

The Prime Power Project Team determined that the most cost- and energy-efficient solution was NOT a new system, but rather a uniform expansion of the system that matched existing equipment.

In the end, Prime Power delivered six months ahead of schedule, and by custom designing and fabricating equipment to match existing equipment, saved valuable time and resources for the company since employees were already familiar with the newly-upgraded equipment.

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