Tips for Selecting the Right Power Generation Service

A service that specializes in Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) is an important resource for facilities that have generators. An EPSS is a significant investment, one that protects the business of a company by providing electricity generation during an outage. If your company needs a service to maintain its EPSS, the tips below will help you choose one that offers what every EPSS needs to remain efficient, reliable, and safe:

Select a Service that Offers Scheduled Maintenance

Improper maintenance is a major reason for generator failure. Although generators are operated infrequently, they have filters, switches, and other components that must be checked on daily, weekly, monthly, semiannual, and annual schedules. A service that offers scheduled maintenance can help you perform these checks at the proper times, keeping your generator ready for the next outage.

Select a Service that Conducts Generator Testing

Generator testing assesses the efficiency of a generator. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 110, a Level 1 or Level 2 generator should be tested monthly for thirty minutes. If a generator performs below thirty percent of its nameplate kilowatt rating during the test, it should be subjected to an annual two-hour test. If your generator is not tested according to NFPA 110 guidelines, it may not operate as efficiently as it should.

Select a Service that Conducts Breaker Testing

The switchgear that isolates an EPSS electrically protects it from being damaged by fault currents. Ensuring that the switchgear is properly inspected, maintained, and tested is vital to protecting a significant investment.

Select a Service that Performs Retrofitting and Modernization

Older generators can benefit from being retrofitted or modernized, measures that can improve the efficiency of a generator and extend its lifespan. If a power generation service does not offer these services, it may recommend replacing a generator that could instead be retrofitted or modernized. Retrofitting or modernizing a generator can save lots of money compared to replacing it, so be sure to choose a service the performs both services.

Select a Service that Performs Infrared Testing

Infrared testing can detect problems in EPSS components before they become obvious. By registering abnormal heating patterns that often radiate from the problem area, infrared scanners help companies address faulty EPSS components before they malfunction, cause other equipment damage, or worse. Infrared testing should be performed annually, and can often be completed in a day.

Select a Service that Conducts Loadbank Testing

In loadbank testing, a loadbank is used to "exercise" a generator, which is usually done for one of two reasons: to perform the annual generator test described in NFPA 110; or to resolve wet stacking, which occurs when unburned fuel leaks onto the exhaust side of a generator, causing parts corrosion and a drop in efficiency. Prime Power has portable load banks that are easy to transport to and from your facility.

Is Your EPSS in Need of Service?

If you need a power generation service to maintain your EPSS, Prime Power can help. In addition to performing NFPA 110 generator testing and the other services above, we also offer:

  • Arc flash analysis and training
  • Healthcare utility management
  • Generator rentals
  • Maintenance of all EPSS components


To learn what services are right for your EPSS, call us today for a free consultation.