Hollywood Turns to Prime Power

When Grey’s Anatomy decided to do an episode for their Season 9 Finale entitled “Perfect Storm” about a hospital struggling to provide services during a major storm they needed an expert to refer about emergency power and electrical systems. They called upon our very own VP, Richard Knittel, and relied on his expertise to help guide them in writing the script.

Richard says, “Writers were planning the season finale which would revolve around a power outage at the hospital. They were looking for someone with knowledge of the industry.  What followed was an interesting series of phone conversations with the writing staff, going back and forth on what happens during a power outage.”

“While I was watching the show, it was interesting to see details that came about because of these conversations, but one stood out for me and showed I had some input. I told them about a power outage I witnessed at a hospital where the system failed to work correctly and the neonatal staff had to ‘bag babies’.  When I heard this I had macabre visions of nurses throwing babies away. I soon learned this was the term used when they had to manually assist the infants breathing with the aid of an oxygen bag. So during the final episode a lot of time and drama was devoted to the neonatal unit and they specifically used the term ‘bagging babies.’ Made me proud.”

By turning to Prime Power’s electrical knowledge and history within the healthcare industry, Hollywood consulted one of the best and got the expertise they needed for a successful season finale.  If you didn’t catch it, you can watch the episode here.