Emergency Generator Maintenance Averts Failure When Dependability Matters Most

Emergency generator maintenance is a measure for preventing the event of failure when secondary power is required for your building. Devices dependent on consistent electricity cannot suffer even the shortest glitch. Generators are the most efficient method for making certain this necessity is available. The assistance of generator services inCarolinaprovides the right protection for continued standby power system performance. Numerous components make this switch possible, with the immediate being the battery charging and automatic transfer switch (ATS) portion of the system. The ATS facilitates the changeover from the main power supply to the backup unit, and vice versa. A battery is necessary to physically start the generator, and current will not remain available if the ATS is malfunctioning. Lightning strikes, or additional types of power surges, can prevent the ATS from becoming operational. Your generator will also consist of various components designed to generate and move current throughout the building. Each requires specific maintenance to remain in good condition for an unexpected outage.

Frequent Reasons for the Arising Need of Generator Services in Carolina

Generator services inCarolinahave found a few items to be common causes for failure.Batteryproblems remain top on the list and can be caused by the following, among other reasons:

– Sulfate Buildup

– Low Electrolyte Levels

– Water Condensation – Accumulation of Lead Debris

– Open Cells

– Frequent Opening or Tripping of the Charger Breaker

Emergency generator maintenance includes the cleaning, inspection, charging, and replacement of battery components. This single task can ensure your unit is capable of starting upon main power failure. Sulfate buildup is caused by a low discharge, water condensation in cells, or debris accumulation. The other listed items could occur due to human error, an aged battery, or several other scenarios. Regular connection inspections can alert a Carolina generator services  technician of developing issues. Here are a few additional routine problems found during an inspection of backup power equipment:

– Low Coolant Levels

– Low Coolant Temperatures

– Leaks

– Wrong Control Settings

– Air Reaching the Fuel System

– No Fuel

– Activation of High Fuel Level Alarm

– Breaker Trips

Leaks, plugged cores, or additional issues often trip the low or high coolant temperature alarm, causing a complete shutdown. A load test under full capacity is the best method for evaluating the operation of a cooling system. Leaks can sometimes be detected by checking the hoses and the main assembly. It is best to call a technician to ensure quick detection and repair. Oil leaks can be an immediate sign of wet stacking,¬Ě or a result of the mist created by the crankcase breathers. Coolant leaks are typically found in a hose, while fuel seepages result from overfilling or aging lines. Human error such as the wrong control setting will prevent a generator from starting. It is best to have regular maintenance performed by a professional to prevent these failure points. Prime Power professional technicians can create a thorough emergency generator maintenance plan designed around the exact needs of your secondary electrical equipment. Servicing requirements are determined by analyzing the system and reviewing manufacturer specifications. Call today to schedule an appointment and start on the path toward a dependable backup system.