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Why is Switchgear Maintenance Vital to the Operation of a System?

Why is Switchgear Maintenance Vital to the Operation of a System? A series of breakers and switches make up the switchgear used by your backup power unit. This combination of parts or disconnect components isolate electrical equipment to control the amount of electricity being transferred into a building. These components have the ability to disconnect […]

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Switchgear Testing: Why Should It Be Performed On a System?

Every component in your emergency or backup unit serves a very specific purpose in regards to electrical generation. Switchgear is any electrical disconnect used to isolate parts, de-energize gear, and clear current faults. A combination of fuses and breakers are used for this process in a home; however, larger power sources rely on breakers along […]

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Why is Switchgear Testing Necessary?

An Emergency Power Supply System or EPSS is a preventative measure installed for industrial and commercial settings. It is designed to provide backup power when the main power source of a building fails. In a factory setting, failure of both systems can be devastating to production because it will result in a complete shutdown. EPSS […]

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