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Power Transfer Switch: Scheduled Care Guarantees Proper Outage Detection

Power Transfer Switch: Scheduled Care Guarantees Proper Outage Detection Your emergency or secondary electrical generation unit contains various switches designed to manage current flow. Circuit breakers are intended to stop the flow of current when a fault is present by means of a tripping mechanism that breaks the arc resided between a set of contacts. […]

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Why is Switchgear Maintenance Vital to the Operation of a System?

Why is Switchgear Maintenance Vital to the Operation of a System? A series of breakers and switches make up the switchgear used by your backup power unit. This combination of parts or disconnect components isolate electrical equipment to control the amount of electricity being transferred into a building. These components have the ability to disconnect […]

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Power Transfer Switch Maintenance and Testing

The reliability of the transfer switch in an Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) determines the reliability of the entire system. During an outage, the component is responsible for changing the electrical load of a building from the primary source (i.e. utility feed) to the secondary source (i.e. generator feed). To ensure the component works as […]

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Power Transfer Switch: Routine Commissioning Guarantees Proper Source Switchover

Backup power systems use a series of electrical controls to begin operation and ensure safe current flow to your building. The transfer switch is a generator component designed to facilitate the electrical connection to your standby source. These components can be manually operated; however, automatic methods are more common for larger standby systems. A power […]

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Emergency Power Service Providers: What Type of Equipment do they supply?

Because different entities have different power needs, emergency power services providers offer various types of power equipment, some for producing emergency power and some not. Below, we look at six types of power equipment commonly supplied by an emergency power service provider. 1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) A UPS provides short-term emergency power when a […]

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Could Control System Modernization and Switchgear Retrofits Benefit your Company?

Control system modernization and switchgear retrofits is an industrial power practice that focuses on consulting about and implementing critical retrofits to industrial power equipment, with consultation focusing on identifying the best upgrades in terms of technology, price, any rules and regulations that may apply, and project timeline. When a company reaches the point of inquiring […]

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Conducting Scheduled Maintenance on Emergency Power System

Emergency power systems are out of sight and out of mind until a power outage hits, when they suddenly mean the difference between business as usual and calling it quits for a day, or ever longer. Yet, even when emergency equipment receives infrequent use, it still requires regular servicing in the form of a scheduled […]

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