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Generator Power Services Help Keep Your Unit Prepared for Short Notice Operation

Generator power services such as preventive maintenance are essential to the performance of your backup system. A generator is a building appliance used to obtain continuous power at times when the main source becomes unavailable. This equipment is necessary for preventing the disruption of critical processes and protecting certain devices used within your building. A […]

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What Critical Services Does a Generator Services Company Offer?

Whether your company needs its first generator installed or an existing generator replaced, repaired, tested, or maintained, the best place to start is contacting a generator services company, one that offers a range of commercial/industrial power services. Below, we list the services you can expect to receive from such a company. Generator sales, repair, and […]

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Options for Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit breakers are designed to isolate electrical equipment within an electrical system, protecting it from abnormal currents that could damage it and potentially cause a fire. In this entry, we discuss how to tell if a circuit breaker is compromised and what tools to use for circuit breaker testing. For commercial testing, hiring a generator […]

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Options for Switch Gear Maintenance

Switchgear is crucial to the protection of your equipment and your building against faults that could lead to equipment damage and building fires. But unless you keep it properly serviced, the chance of both of these tragedies increases. Because of its infrequent use, switchgear is some of the least maintained equipment in buildings today, a […]

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Emergency Power Back-up for Hospitals: An Overview

Due to the critical nature of their services, hospitals require constant electrical supply, a requirement that involves planning for how to navigate power outages. In this entry, we look at generator equipment for emergency power back-up for hospitals, how to choose a transfer switch for a hospital, and who to consult for hospital generator concerns. […]

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Emergency Power Back-up for Data Centers

Thousands of companies utilize emergency power equipment to protect against power outages. But some of them depend on it more than others. For example, in the event of a blackout, a retail store without emergency power equipment might lose a few hours of sales, but a data center could lose its very reason for existing: […]

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What is Arc Flash Analysis and Training?

Generator Services and Training Arc flash analysis and training focuses on (a) analyzing a facility’s electrical system to determine its propensity for flashes, and (b) supplying the training necessary to conduct the analysis. Training can be received in a variety of contexts, such as: at trade schools, in the field, or at seminars offered by […]

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