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Generator Power Services Help Keep Your Unit Prepared for Short Notice Operation

Generator power services such as preventive maintenance are essential to the performance of your backup system. A generator is a building appliance used to obtain continuous power at times when the main source becomes unavailable. This equipment is necessary for preventing the disruption of critical processes and protecting certain devices used within your building. A […]

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Critical Power Generation Services for a Commercial EPSS

Does your building contain an emergency power supply system (EPSS) that receives infrequent maintenance or has not been updated in years? Without the proper maintenance and upgrades, emergency generation systems can become unreliable and inefficient. If this describes the EPSS in your facility, the following services could increase its reliability and efficiency, and make it […]

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Critical Power Systems: A Well Planned Maintenance Schedule Minimizes Generator Failure Risks

Maintaining your critical power source ensures individual safety during electrical failure. These systems may be the lifeline of your production facility or an essential component for operating backup lighting and emergency items. A properly designed generator is the first step in minimizing many of the common problems experienced with secondary power sources. Preventative maintenance is […]

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Standby Power Systems: Pre-Installation Planning Ensures Optimal Operating Conditions

Standby generators have three separate classifications under applicable code regulations. They are designed to provide power to your building when main power is not available. Systems can be implemented to meet legal requirements, for emergency purposes, or as an optional secondary electrical source. The National Electric Code (NEC) uses these three classifications for setting installation […]

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NFPA 110 Generator Testing Safeguards against Improper System Operation

NFPA 110 regulations set the standard for ensuring proper operation of Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS’s). A generator must be ready to power a building under critical circumstances. Testing of parts, such as the automatic transfer switch (ATS), makes certain this particular system can perform efficiently when electricity is not available. NFPA 110 generator testing […]

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Power System Testing: The Importance of a Proactive Servicing Approach

Electricity is a direct lifeline to many facility operations. What can you do to prepare your business for power failure? A backup system is the most reasonable solution to an electrical outage. You can take precautionary measures, such as equipment testing, to make certain your generator is emergency ready. Backup power supplies have a high […]

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Standby Power: Evaluating Generator Fuel

There are several considerations for choosing a standby generator, one of which is generator fuel. The type of fuel a generator uses determines fuel availability, fuel cost, and duration of emergency power, to name a few. Below, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of six types of generator fuel regarding these and other concerns. […]

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Service: What are its Benefits?

Having uninterruptible electricity in your building can seem unnecessary. But when a long power outage occurs, that perspective can change quickly. Many companies require a constant supply of electricity to conduct business, and the right equipment can ensure they receive it. As a service, uninterruptible electricity is delivered through uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment. Similar […]

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Switchgear Power Systems: Scheduled Maintenance is Essential

Breakers, fuses, and electrical disconnects are all switchgear controls. Power systems use these controls to switch between utility supplied electricity and generator supplied energy during electric failure. Technology in the form of a computer program is utilized to detect when an electrical outage has occurred or in some cases will occur. If a problem is […]

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NFPA 110 Emergency Generator Care Starts with a Maintenance Plan

The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 110 is a set of codes or standards created to ensure an Emergency Power System is safe. These regulations apply to every portion of a unit starting with construction and ending with operational testing. An emergency generator may also be referred to as an EPSS. These systems must be […]

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