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Why have GTI Altronics Engineers Equip your Generator with a Bi-Fuel System?

Protecting your facility against power outages begins with implementing a standby generator. But what happens when a power outage lasts longer than your generator’s fuel supply? If the generator doesn’t have the technology that extends its run-time, your facility ends up in the dark. Depending on your emergency power needs, extending your generator’s run-time could […]

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What Critical Services Does a Generator Services Company Offer?

Whether your company needs its first generator installed or an existing generator replaced, repaired, tested, or maintained, the best place to start is contacting a generator services company, one that offers a range of commercial/industrial power services. Below, we list the services you can expect to receive from such a company. Generator sales, repair, and […]

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What Healthcare Facilities and Professionals Should Know About NFPA 110

Recently, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published the current editions of the NFPA 110: Standard on Emergency Power and NFPA 111: Standard on Stored Electrical Energy Emergency and Standby Power Systems. Each show changes to major concerns of health care facility experts. The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible in developing these publications. The standards […]

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Unveiled: The NFPA Requirements for EPSS

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) implements several requirements for Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS). The association implements standards for automatic transfer switches and standby generators. The Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems (110) is used to assess acceptability of generator systems of projects. 
The 110 includes maintenance, construction, operational testing requirements and installation […]

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Understanding the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70e Compliance Guide

As with any professional line of work, power service providers have their own compliance guide to follow. These standards apply during installation, testing, and maintenance of backup electrical equipment as well as conductor connections. The National Fire Protection Association regulates electrical safety in various workplace scenarios. Guides have been created to protect workers in different […]

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Turnkey Emergency Power Systems and GTI Altronics’s Bi-Fuel System

Emergency power solution providers offer two types of turnkey systems: emergency power systems and aftermarket technology systems, such as fuel systems that extend the run-time of diesel generators. In this entry, we look at the basic advantages of turnkey emergency power solutions, and the specific advantages of implementing GTI Altronics’s aftermarket Bi-Fuel system for diesel […]

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Natural Gas Generators: Maintenance Ensures Operation in Emergencies

Emergency power service providers offer installation, testing, and maintenance of building backup electrical systems. The law requires buildings of certain sizes to have a sufficient alternative source. This can be in the form of a portable unit or a stationary generator. Larger buildings typically choose a stationary unit because it is more cost effective. They […]

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Why Businesses Require EPSS Retrofits

Regular maintenance of emergency power supply system is needed to ensure continuity of business productivity during power outages. A system may fail to supply the needed power supply when it is old. Reduced productivity during blackouts can cost millions for businesses. The emergency system installed should generate power to continue business productivity during a power […]

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When Is The Best Time To Do an EPSS Repair?

EPSS or Emergency Power Supply Systems is used when power outages occur. EPSS rose in popularity because of the need for backup or alternate power in case of occasional failure in the regular power supply. These machineries may be prone to occasional breakdowns or glitches and that affects the capacity of these generators to provide […]

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An Eye for Detail: The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Testing in Standby Power Response Process

Electrical power is the lynchpin of modern industrial society. Everyday life depends on it for transport, heating, lighting, communications, life support systems, and computation. These sites simply cannot afford to stop even for a moment. Hence the importance of the emergency and standby power response process . When regular utility systems fail, backup sources provide […]

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