GTI Altronics Bi-Fuel Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Bi-Fuel systems by GTI Altronics—a global leader in fuel solutions for diesel applications—offer critical benefits to facilities that have diesel generators. Three of these benefits are: reduced emissions during generator operation, reduced need for onsite fuel storage, and extended generator run-time during power outages. Is a system by GTI Altronics right for your facility? Here are some commonly asked questions about the GTI Altronics fuel systems.

By how much do Bi-Fuel systems extend generator run-time?

The precise amount of extended run-time depends on the efficiency of the generator in question. The systems substitute up to 70% natural gas for diesel fuel. This may allow you to calculate how your generator would respond. If not, consulting with a commercial power solutions provider is the best option.

How do the systems receive natural gas?

GTI Altronics systems can receive an interruptible gas supply. These Bi-Fuel systems offers three advantages: it eliminates the need for additional fuel storage; it eliminates the need for fuel delivery contracts; and it harnesses a power source that remains in constant supply.

Is it possible for my generator to operate on 100% natural gas?

Diesel generators cannot operate solely on natural gas because the gas ignition temperature (1,300 degrees Fahrenheit) is higher than the temperature generated by the diesel compression stroke. In a dual fuel system, the ignition of diesel fuel serves to ignite natural gas.

Does implementing the technology require engine moderation?

Implementing the GTI Altronics dual fuel technology does not require engine moderation. Rather, the technology is implemented as an in-field retrofit. Due to easy implementation, the total price for the technology is usually less costly than other high profile generator retrofits.

Will implementing the technology void my generator’s warranty?

Because the systems do not require engine modification, they should not violate the generator warranty. These Bi-Fuel systems fall into the category of after market technologies. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do not void warranties due to the implementation of after market technologies.

Do the systems come with safety features?

Yes: these Bi-Fuel systems come with a patented electronic control system (ECS) technology that monitors 24 critical data channels, including: exhaust gas temperature-stack, exhaust gas temperature-cylinder, high engine manifold air pressure, low natural gas supply pressure, high natural gas supply pressure, and high engine vacuum. Fault settings for the data channels are set according to the unique needs of a facility, and can be changed by accessing a code protected keypad.

What happens if problems are detected in the gas supply?

If problems are detected in the gas supply, the system will switch the generator over to 100% diesel power. This action protects the generator’s drive engine from damage. In the event of problems with gas supply, the ECS will data-log the fault for further investigation.

Do the systems compromise a generator’s power or efficiency?

By replacing diesel fuel with an equivalent quantity of natural gas, GTI Altronics fuel systems do not compromise generator power or efficiency. They remain the same as before.

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