Five Critical Generator Services and Their Benefits

For companies that require an emergency power supply system (EPSS), proper EPSS servicing is critical to avoiding the effects of power outages. To ensure that an EPSS remains in top condition, most companies contract with a generator service that specializes in maintenance, testing and upgrades. If your company needs to hire its first service, hiring one that offers the services below is ideal.

Load bank Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires generators to undergo monthly testing. If they operate at less than 30% of their Kilowatt rating, or at 30% or more of the rating for less than thirty minutes, they should receive load bank testing according to NFPA 110. A critical practice for emergency power equipment testing, load bank testing “exercises” a generator and tests its operational efficiency to resolve certain problems such as wet stacking.

Arc Flash Analysis

Depending on its severity, an arc flash could be the most dangerous event that a facility experiences. Ranging from contained flashes that destroy switchgear to ejected flashes that kill workers, arc flashes can be physically and financially devastating. When performing arc flash analysis, experts analyze arc flash potential at various points within a building’s electrical system. Once identified, problem areas can be addressed with strategies that contain, reduce, or eliminate arc flashes.

Breaker Testing

A facility’s circuit breakers serve as protective equipment, preventing fault currents from damaging equipment, injuring workers, or starting fires. Believing that commercial circuit breakers are similar to residential ones, some building owners attempt to test them on their own, which is a mistake. Due to their high-voltage design, professionals should always handle the testing of commercial breakers. Breaker testing is one of many critical generator services in which Prime Power specializes.

Modernization and Retrofits

Over time, an EPSS may require modernization or retrofitting to raise its performance. In most instances, retrofitting or modernizing a generator is less expensive than buying a new one, and can result in dramatic EPSS benefits. For example, retrofitting a diesel generator with a Bi-Fuel system could improve its fuel efficiency up to seventy percent. If your building contains an old generator that still has a strong motor, modernization could be the ideal solution.

Infrared Scanning

For preventative maintenance, infrared scanning is the most important of all critical generator services. By sensing abnormal heating patterns in electrical components, infrared scanners can identify problems before they lead to more serious ones. Often, an entire facility can be scanned in a single day.

Prime Power Offers the Services You Need

Prime Power has performed the services above for customers in the commercial, industrial, and utility sectors for over twenty-five years. We also offer scheduled maintenance, generator rentals, healthcare utility management, and new installations.

If your company relies on EPSS support during power outages, taking advantage of these services will ensure that it never spends a power outage in the dark. Whether your EPSS needs modernization, maintenance, repair, testing, or replacement, do not let a power outage catch you off guard. Call us today for a free consultation.

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