Critical Power Supply: The Benefits of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

If uninterrupted electricity is critical to your company’s services, you have three options: you can implement a standby generator, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or both. Like a generator, a UPS provides critical power supply when utility power is out. Its unique technology offers important benefits for certain companies. Below are four ways that a UPS could benefit your company.

Convenient for Small Spaces
For workspaces that lack the room or appropriate space to house a standby generator, implementing one or more UPS units can be an effective solution. For example, in apartment style offices that lack utility space, a cabinet style UPS that connects to all computer terminals, or a small UPS for each computer terminal, could be the answer. Unlike most generators, UPS devices can be spatially convenient.

No Fuel Costs
Operating a commercial generator entails fuel and fuel delivery costs, expenses that some companies can ill afford. Although a UPS can be used in tandem with a generator, supplying instant electricity as a generator is brought online, it can also be used independently. For companies that simply need ten to fifteen minutes to shut down computers or other equipment once an outage occurs, a UPS is the ideal solution.

Surge Protection
Some UPS units offer surge protection—an important benefit for companies that rely on sensitive equipment to support critical services. When a surge occurs, a UPS switches equipment to battery feed, preventing the surge from interrupting computer programs or damaging circuitry. “Online” UPS units are commonly chosen for their superior surge protection, in addition to critical power supply capacity.

Automatic Equipment Shutdown
Some UPS units can automatically shut down computers and other equipment in the event of long outages. If a utility feed does not return in a certain amount of time, shutdown will be initiated—a critical service for when pieces of equipment significantly outnumber attendants. UPS units can also automatically restart equipment when utility feed returns.

Does Your Organization Need a UPS?

In some cases, a UPS is a viable alternative to a generator. But when companies require (a) uninterruptible electricity and (b) power for their entire facility for the duration of an outage, a UPS and a generator typically work in tandem. Instead of choosing a UPS in place of a standby generator or vice versa, let Prime Power perform an analysis of your building’s power needs. It may need one solution or the other, but it could also need both.

Prime Power Has the Services Your Company Needs

At Prime Power, we offer the full range of emergency power supply services for large and small organizations, including: breaker testing, load bank testing, healthcare utility management, infrared scanning, modernization and retrofits, new installations, generator rentals, and scheduled maintenance.

Founded in 1983, Prime Power has industry leading experience in serving the industrial, commercial, and utility markets. Whether your company needs new emergency power solutions, upgrades to existing equipment, testing, or system maintenance, do not let a power outage catch you off guard. Call us today for a free consultation.

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