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Hollywood Turns to Prime Power

When Grey’s Anatomy decided to do an episode for their Season 9 Finale entitled “Perfect Storm” about a hospital struggling to provide services during a major storm they needed an expert to refer about emergency power and electrical systems. They called upon our very own VP, Richard Knittel, and relied on his expertise to help […]

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Power Transfer Switch: Routine Commissioning Guarantees Proper Source Switchover

Backup power systems use a series of electrical controls to begin operation and ensure safe current flow to your building. The transfer switch is a generator component designed to facilitate the electrical connection to your standby source. These components can be manually operated; however, automatic methods are more common for larger standby systems. A power […]

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NFPA 110 Power Generator Standards are designed to Provide Increased Operational Reliability and Safety

The National Fire Protection Association has provided a set of standards for those who will be working with or using an emergency system. Professional technicians use NFPA 110 guidelines during system design, installation, maintenance, and routine testing. Your building power source is never truly one hundred percent reliable because, as with any mechanical equipment, things […]

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Testing EPSS Breakers: An Essential Routine Maintenance Practice

Testing requirements are set by the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA 110 standards to ensure the reliability of your Emergency Power Supply System. An EPSS contains multiple electrical switches designed to manage the current being created and sent from this system to devices within your building. For example, circuit breakers are a switch designed […]

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Backup Power Specialists in Carolina: EPSS Services that Every Facility Needs

Has it been awhile since your facility had its emergency power supply system (EPSS) serviced? If so, the next power outage could find you where you do not want to be—in the dark. A facility’s EPSS should be maintained in one of two ways: by in house technicians that specialize in EPSS maintenance, or by […]

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Generator Testing in Georgia: What Every Facility Manager Should Know

Despite its infrequent use, a backup generator (a.k.a. genset) requires regular servicing. Consisting of testing and maintenance, this servicing prepares it to supply power during a power outage. In the Georgia area, Prime Power is the leading generator services provider for commercial and industrial power users. If your facility’s genset has been tested infrequently, now […]

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Switchgear Breaker Testing in Carolina: Testing for MV Circuit Breakers

The interrupting mechanism and voltage class determine the types of tests that switchgear requires. The focus is on breaker testing for medium voltage (MV) gear that interrupts arc faults using oil, air, vacuum, or SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) breakers. In the Carolina area, Prime Power performs switchgear breaker testing for commercial and industrial power users. Essential […]

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Switchgear Testing in Georgia: 10 Essential Tests that Support Circuit Breakers

The condition of a building’s switchgear can impact the safety of its environment. Without regular maintenance and testing, circuit breakers can develop problems that lead to unextinguished arc faults and arc flashes that damage assets and injure workers. In Georgia, Prime Power performs switchgear testing for commercial and industrial power users to help prevent these […]

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Using a Switchgear Breaker Service to Increase Switchgear Safety

Switchgear is an important safety element in a building’s electrical system. It is also one of the most dangerous elements to work with. That is why building managers use a commercial power company to perform breaker testing, maintenance, and repair. The type of service switchgear needs depends on its design, environment, and voltage class, although […]

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Generator Service and Load Testing Carolina: What Problems May Be Circumvented By Maintenance?

Expert maintenance is necessary if your building relies on a backup or emergency generator during power outages. A routine service call ensures your secondary electrical source is able to operate appropriately at the time of an outage. Load testing involves subjecting your system to varying loads to test component functionality. A dependable Carolina company can […]

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